John Frank Tesh is a decorated American pianist and composer of pop and contemporary Christian music, selling 7 million records. He is also a nationally syndicated radio host, and has previously served as a sportscaster for the Olympic Games, news anchor and reporter. Besides playing keyboards (including the piano), he also plays the trumpet and sings. He is also known as the long time host of the television program Entertainment Tonight. Tesh has won 6 music Emmys, has 4 gold albums, 2 Grammy nominations and an Associated Press award for investigative journalism. His Live concerts have raised more than $20 million for PBS.

Hometown - Long Island, NY
Birthday - July 9th
Sign - Leo

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John Tesh has set up a YouTube “channel” for John Tesh/Intelligence For Your Life videos. John will post his video “Intelligence Minutes”(like the “daily update on”) on there, as well as TV Appearances.

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